Here is my presentation for the Australian and New Zealand kinesiology conferences. I have been accepted for the New Zealand program and have just submitted for the Australian one. The lecture is an extract from my forthcoming workshop and book on Clinical Flower Therapy. The chapter is called ‘Integrating Flower Therapy Into Other Health Care Systems ( Without Losing Any Of The Original Technique. )” 

Ever since I began my career in flower therapy 20 years ago, I have asked myself a lot of questions about how it works and ‘what makes it tick’. What is flower therapy all about? What flower matches this particular issue? How do you get the best results from the remedies? As a producer of flower remedies, I asked other questions too to try to understand the ‘science’ of flower therapy.

While this article is a news update, I must begin it with some regrettable news. The 10 week Clinical Flower Therapy Course scheduled for later this month has been postponed. Despite the fact that I have worked on the content for the last 6 months, I currently feel that teaching the course now would be rushed. When you rush something, you are guaranteed not to do it properly. Given my

What’s happening in 2016? Let’s look back for a moment before we look ahead to the future of Clinical Flower Therapy. In 2010, I began writing a ‘basic’, introductory workshop for flower therapy. In 2015, ‘Clinical Flower Therapy’ was born. And this website was launched. In 2016, the Clinical Flower Therapy Course will be taught for the first time. The course will eventually become a book but I wish to

Have you ever wondered how good your skills are as a natural health practitioner? In order to excel in any field, you need to work on your skills, learn new things and master the fundamentals of your craft. Any professional – from tennis players to jazz musicians to medical doctors – consistently practice their skills to perform at their best. That’s what professionals do. Here is a simple test to see if you are practicing flower

Want to study flower therapy? Looking for a good teacher who knows their stuff? Like in any field, there are master teachers of flower therapy and then there are ordinary teachers. Before you pay out your hard earned dollars, go through this checklist of 10 things to look for in a natural therapy course. The Teacher Does the instructor regularly spend time in nature, bush walk, garden or other outdoor activities?