Chapter 1 - History

“Respect those who came before you. Value those who will come after.”



[DRAFT] Writing a book about Clinical Flower Therapy posed me several challenges. Mastering the subject was the first one. Communicating that knowledge was the second one. The 3rd challenge was deciding what to write in the opening chapter of the book. The opening words of any book are crucial. For they are where the story starts. Where learning and understanding springs from. Getting the starting pages right is important. Especially in a book that seeks not only to educate, but to revolutionize an industry by combining ancient knowledge of the plant world with the latest in botanical research.

I knew I had to start with the basic principles of Clinical Flower Therapy. I had to teach the basic concepts first. The a, b, c’s had to be learned first and, chapter by chapter, lead the reader on a journey that caused their mind to open like a flower. Which is exactly what has to happen in order to learn the mysteries of mother nature her plant medicines.

You have to learn Clinical Flower Therapy from within your own mind. From your connection to nature and life. A book, even one well written, cannot give you those understandings. It can only tell you to look for them.


Getting the first chapter right was vital. For a number of reasons that I will get to in the coming pages. In my wrestling with exactly where to begin this work, I realized it had to begin with history.

Before I could start with the principles of flower therapy or any of the basic concepts, I had to talk about the history of plant medicine. While I could captivate you with a handful of historical anecdotes about the history of plant medicine & botany in general, there is one historical point that had to be made above all others. In fact, mentioning historical stories would distract from this one key point and your need to know it.

As I contemplated the history of Clinical Flower Therapy, it dawned on me exactly where this book had to begin. It had to begin with you.

Yes, you.


The study ( and mastery ) of Clinical Flower Therapy has to begin with understanding the role you are playing in the history of plant medicine. Through your conduct, professionalism and attention to detail of what I am about to show you.

Clinical Flower Therapy lives, because of you. And other people like you who have dedicated themselves to the practice. And preserving the art through your actions. The study of Clinical Flower Therapy starts ( and ends ) with you. You are a link to the ancestors who practiced before. And future generations who will practice after you.

This is your first lesson. This is not a book about me. It’s not even really a book about Clinical Flower Therapy. It’s a book about the role you play in history. Through your words. Through your study. Through your practice.

Actions that respect those who have come before. Benefit those who are alive today. And value those who will be born tomorrow. With this in mind, you are ready to practice Clinical Flower Therapy. Let’s begin.


Clinical Flower Therapy is currently in production.