Integrative Medicine, Kinesiology & Other Modalities

“Flower Therapy is Used in Many Modalities. Proper Integration is Key.”

Integrative Medicine


[DRAFT] Flower therapy is one of the oldest forms of natural medicine. far older than the majority of the techniques & modalities that have sprung up in the last 30 years. Including the modality that has adopted flower therapy as a commonly used, core technique – energy kinesiology.

Flower therapy predates many practices. And is commonly used alongside of other natural medicines and protocols. It works well within other systems and blends well with most corrections. Clashing only with a few such as herbs, homoepathics and other plant medicines.

The combining of flower therapy into natural medicine is really the forerunner of a more ambitious move into western medicine itself. Which is known as integrative medicine.


Clinical Flower Therapy is currently in production.