20 Hours Training + Online Component.

Clinical Flower Therapy focuses on the principle that ‘flower therapy is plant medicine’.

Therefore, this course focuses on two things.

  1. Plants.
  2. Clinical Observations.

This means that all foreign health systems, beliefs and spiritual concepts have been removed to maximize learning two principles. As you will find, Clinical Flower Therapy is a whole, complete, stand-alone system. While other health care systems can complement the practice of flower therapy, you will find there is no need to apply those methods!


Part I – Foundations & Fundamentals

This group of modules teaches the fundamentals that you should know before you work with flower remedies in a clinic.

The Principles of Flower Therapy

  • An ancient art in a modern world: A look at how modern flower therapy is a shadow of its former self.
  • The difference between Clinical Flower Therapy (CFT) and Modern Flower Therapy.
  • Something is missing: What happens when you remove plant studies from flower therapy?
  • The #1 principle: ‘flower therapy is plant medicine’ and how everything about the practice can be learned by sticking to it.
  • Defining ‘natural health’ and ‘natural therapies’.

The Art of Botanical Diagnosis

  • The ‘Doctrine of Signatures’ and why this is not just an ‘antique philosophy’.
  • Plant characteristics and the 3 key signatures every practitioner needs to pay attention to.
  • How to read plants and obtain your clients entire health care program – from ‘issue to aftercare’.
  • Case Study: The Oak ( Bach Flower ) and why you shouldn’t rely on 2nd hand information.
  • Warning signs and special instructions for the practitioner.

Emotional Archetypes

  • Emotions & their design.
  • Emotional postures.
  • ‘The myth of negative emotions’ and why this perspective is harmful to your health.
  • The 4 stages of ‘suppressed emotion’.
  • Why flower therapy is not just about ’emotional issues’.

The Nature of Consciousness

  • Active Consciousness: A new model of the human mind.
  • Mental wavelengths and complex thought patterns.
  • Why emotion is not the issue and who the real villain is.
  • Recording a new thought pattern to replace the old one.
  • The concept of ‘karma’ and the problems associated with ongoing consciousness.

The Self

  • The #1 issue that everyone has that causes all other emotional issues.
  • Treating the spirit, not the ego.
  • Natural spirituality: What nature has to say about spirituality and the life path.


Part II – Protocols & Procedures.

This group of modules builds upon the fundamental principles and teaches you the correct method of using flower remedies ‘as nature intended’.

The 4 Stages of Treatment

  • The 4 stages of treatment and the one stage nearly every practitioner forgets during treatment.
  • Protocols and procedures for effective treatment.
  • Treatment types and different ways to apply flower remedies.
  • Dosage rates and exposure type
  • Aftercare.

Safety Issues & Common Mistakes in Flower Therapy

  • Safety issues & ‘inherent risk’ in flower therapy.
  • The myth that ‘flower therapy is completely safe’ and why this idea is harmful to your practice.
  • Dosage rates and safe exposure limits.
  • Treating ‘healing crisis’ and how to avoid causing one.
  • 6 bad habits in flower therapy ( that are common practices. )

Treatment Objectives

  • The #1 most important thing when choosing remedies to work with.
  • Designing combination remedies and the different strategies when doing so.
  • Affirmations: The right and wrong way.
  • Realistic goal setting and how to measure success.
  • Clearing emotional issues vs installing a new thought pattern.


Part III – Professionalism in Practice

The final modules look at codes of conduct and standards in the field of flower therapy.

Professionalism in Practice

The Future Medicine

  • The future of medicine.
  • The latest research and what it means for plant medicine as a whole.
  • Examination and closing discussion.


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Brendan Rohan

founder of The Skyflowers Project ( 1997 ) and Clinical Flower Therapy ( CFT ).